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Silver Wind Stock Completion

Ya’ll have just received the last bit of the Silver Wind stock series, the next one up is it’s sister companion Silver Sun. It will be the same model, and same costume, but will actually have a backdrop as well.

Hope you all enjoyed it, and i hope you’ll enjoy the Silver Sun collection even more!

And remember;

If you are to use my stock, please credit me, even if its just “oh i used so-and-so’s picture as a reference”. I would also love to see what you have done, even if you just used it as a reference for a drawing or painting. 

If you end up using my stock for a book cover, or anything along the sort that will be used for purchases or advertisements please run it by me. Also if you use my stock for dark pictures, please use gore tastefully, and please do not use my stock if it involves animal abuse or anything of the sort.

Please feel free to talk to me, use my stock, or suggest ideas for photoshoots in the future!

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